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5003220 - 5 x 4ml5003222 - 10 x 10mltechnoclot pt plus is a plain prothrombin time (pt) reagent according to the method of quick. the reagent is lyophilizedcontains rabbit brain thromboplastina solvent containing calcium. technoclot pt plus is sensitive to decreased factors ii, v, vii, xfibrinogen levels but insensitive to heparin. technoclot pt plus is a "low" isi-reagent with an isi of about 1.2. technoclot pt plus can be used both as a screening test for the extrinsic coagulation system, as a liver function testfor control of oral anticoagulant therapy.

Technoclot Control N

5020070 - 10 x 1 ml5020075 - 50 x 1 ml for use as accuracy control of screening tests (pt/aptt/tt/fibrinogen) within normal coagulation activity.

Technoclot Control A

5021070 - 10 x 1 ml5021075 - 50 x 1 mlabnormal accuracy control for prothrombin time (pt), partial thromboplastin time (aptt), in the interface between normalabnormal coagulation activity.

Siron LS (aPTT liquid)

5035105 - 2 x 4 ml5035107 - 1 x 4 ml5035109 - 10 x 10 mlsiron is an activated partial thromboplastin time (aptt) presented as a liquid reagent containing a soluble activator prepared ellagic acid. siron can be used as screening test for the intrinsic coagulation system, in diagnosistreatment of hemophiliacs,for control of heparin therapy.

Calcium Chloride Solution 25 mmol/L

5277015 - 100 ml5277017 - 25 mlcalcium chloride solution for determination of aptt with dapttin® tc.


5010004 - 4 x 1 mlak-calibrant is a calibration set containing 4 calibration plasmas for pt standardization. one normal plasma3 native warfarin plasmas (pivka) for inr calibration. for determination of inr reference curvesdirect inr determination. determination of the laboratory specific isi-valuesmnpt. generation of reference curves in percentage of norm. the inr values of the anticoagulanted plasmas are assigned externally by 200 laboratories.

Thrombin Reagent

5100005 - 6 x 6 mla standardized thrombin time reagent produced bovine thrombin for the normaltherapeutic (heparinfibrinolytic) range. when thrombin is reconstituted in 6 ml distilled water the reagent is sufficient for ~ 180 tests.

Fibrinogen Reagent

5138080 - 5 x 5 ml5138085 - 5 x 2 mlfibrinogen reagent ~ 80 i.u. bovine thrombin/ml, to be reconstituted with 5 ml or 2 ml distilled water.

Technoclot Reference

5220170 - 10 x 1 ml5220175 - 50 x 1 mlcalibration plasma for use in coagulation analysis. accuracy control values are given for screening tests, single coagulation factors inhibitors in the normal range

Imidazole Buffer

5410008 - 25 ml5410010 - 50 ml5410012 - 90 ml5410014 - 500 mldilution buffer for use in factor viii assaysinhibitor tests.

Isepack Na/K/Cl/LI con chip

Marca: klaborigen: argentinacódigo: kise-10005cisepack na/k/cl/li con chip (800 ml)hasta serie nº 45000

Isepack Na/K/Cl con chip

Marca: klaborigen: argentinacódigo: kise-10002cisepack na/k/cl con chip (800 ml) - hasta serie nº45000

Cleaning Solution ISE II (kit)

Marca: klab origen: argentina código: k-so-10016

Wash Solution ISE II (50ml)

Marca: klab origen: argentina código: k-so-10013wash solution (50 ml)

Urine Diluent ISE II (500ml)

Marca: klab origen: argentina código: k-so-10014

Internal Filling ISE II (125 ml)

Marca: klab origen: argentina código: k-so-10015

K Electrode ISE II

Marca: klab origen: argentina código: k-ed-10001

Na Electrode ISE II

Marca: klab origen: argentina código: k-ed-10002

Cl Electrode ISE II

Marca: klab origen: argentina código: k-ed-10003

Membrana Assembly ISE II (un)

Marca: klab origen: argentina código: k-ed-10009

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